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Expressions in Metal Wall Art
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Rock Art - The Emergence of Artistic Expression

The desire for artistic expression by man has existed for thousands of years. Rock art was one of the first forms of this expression and a connection to our past...our human journey. The artists of long ago used rocks, cave walls and cliffs as their canvas and chiseled or pecked away the surface to create their designs called petroglyphs

These Prehistoric Rock Art Designs  (petroglyphs)  from the American Southwest, shown herein, have been translated into metal wall art to both preserve these treasures in a contemporary form as well as allow many to own and appreciate these disappearing works of art. 

All designs are constructed in 3/16 inch steel with welded hangers and stand-offs.  All designs also have a rusted patina finish with a clear coat lacquer and may be displayed both indoors or outdoors. Custom orders are accepted.