Creative Designs

The Creative Designs Collection is always being updated with more inventory. It is intended to contain designs created by various artists and will focus on abstract and contemporary images.


All metal wall art is made of 3/16" steel and will have a rusted patina finish unless otherwise noted.


Welded hangers and stand-offs as shown on the Perspectives page are standard. Custom designs, sizes and orders are accepted. 

creative art design by Brian Bystedt, called Hyla, looks like frog

23"h x 10"w ($195)
30"h x 13"w ($270) 
Brian Bystedt

creative metal wall art design by rick kriebel, called opus, looks like triangle with feet

24"h x 10"w ($240)
Rick Kriebel / Hopi Inspired

creative metal wall art cannabis leaf by dave chadwell

12"h x 10"w ($165)
Dave Chadwell

creative metal wall art design based on pottery, called Balance
close up of ancestral puebloan pottery design from utah

12"h x 10"w ($190)
Ancestral Puebloan  / UT / Pottery Design