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Brian Bystedt from Rendition Arts, LLC standing with ancient rocks next to and in back of him

Brian Bystedt

Rendition Arts: Objectives

In searching for and photographing petroglyphs over the years there were many designs that depicted common observations such as snakes, birds, lizards, etc.


Of primary interest to me were the abstract designs, as well as common things portrayed artistically.


What I have captured and brought forward in time are these rock art designs. Geoglyph and Petroglyph designs through the emergence of artistic expression, can show us the beginnings of culture. 

Brian Bystedt from Rendition Arts taking photos of petroglyphs

About Rendition Arts

​It has been my intent to render these prehistoric designs as accurately as possible while adjusting for various factors to offer attractive metal wall art to meet today's decorating needs, to be displayed indoors or outdoors. 

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